• MACK Extended Printer Warranty
    MACK Extended Printer Warranty
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    3 Year
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    Price: $99.00
  • DNP DS620A Printer
    DNP DS620A Printer


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    The DS620A Printer features an enhanced thermal print head and print engine system for years of trustworthy performance. 3 Year Advanced Exchange Warranty!

    Our flagship DS620A dye-sublimation printer is the world’s most compact professional digital photo printer. With its wide range of print size options, quick output, and innovative print technology, the DS620A is an extremely valuable revenue-generating asset for professional photographers and retail store operators offering photo-printing services.

    With up to 400 prints per hour, the DS620A is fast with prints in 8.3 seconds! This makes DNP’s flagship printer one of the fastest professional photo printers on the market. The DS620A offers a professional watermark on the back and high gloss, crisp colors on the front of your photos. Multiple formats provide flexibility offering anything from a 2”x6” photobooth fun strip up to 6”x8” enlargements. 

    The same media can be used for glossy or matte output, depending on your preference.

    Environmentally friendly, both energy consumption and media waste have been optimized in the DS620A. A new standby mode lowers costs and increases productivity by making the most efficient use of energy (<0.5W). The printer also provides advanced status information from the driver, enabling users at any time to check remaining media, media format, printer status, printer life counter, color control data, firmware version and serial number.

    Worry Free Performance for a Profitable Photo Business!

    With 6"x8" perforated media, you can make longer photo booth strips! Optional: use one strip as a coupon or marketing material.

    The DS620A can now produce stunning 6”x14” and 6”x20” panoramic photos—printed from DNP’s 6”x8” media. To enable panoramic printing, DNP’s DS620A printer must be updated to the latest version of the DS620A firmware (v1.41) and the user must be printing through DNP’s new Hot Folder Print (HFP) Utility v2.2.

    Panoramic prints use standard DS620A media.*

    6×14 size prints use the equivalent of 2 6×8 prints worth of media

    6×20 size prints use the equivalent of 3 6×8 prints worth of media

    • *When printing pano prints the printer will print the image in sections and the paper will exit and rewind into the printer several times before being cut. Standard and enlargement print trays cannot be used.

    At only 10.8-inches wide by 14.4-inches deep by 6.7-inches high, the small footprint allows for easy transportation and stacking with additional printers for high output functionality making it the ideal companion for photographers who want mobility, speed and volume. 

    The DS620A boasts a 14 percent increase in image throughput per hour for some of the fastest print speeds available—standard 4”x6” images are produced in less than nine seconds, while 5”x7”s are printed in about 15 seconds. The 5"x7" spacers DO come with the printer!

    Energy consumption and media waste have been optimized in the DS620A. A new standby mode lowers costs and increases profitability by making the most efficient use of energy (<0.5W). 

    Worry-free Performance for a Profitable Photo Business!

    Price: $755.00
  • Sports Templates
    Sports Templates

    NEW! Fantastic Sports Templates. Designed for the DNP DS620A and DS820A printers, and can be used with other printers like the Fuji DX100. Contact us about bundles with a printer and save over $50!

    • Templates are sized for DNP DS620A and DS820A panoramic print sizes
      DS620A 6x14, 6x20
      DS820A 8x18, 8x22, 8x26, 8x32
    • Templates are formatted for Photoshop and Darkroom Core, Professional and Assembly
    • Templates can be delivered via a download link or usb drive

    Text / Call 402.661.0676

    Price: $250.00